Friday, August 13, 2010

Jungle Removed

So, after two and a half long, tiring months we have finally begun to see the potential of our yard. We dug and raked, and hauled so much I am just completely exhausted. I can't wait until I can just set out the sprinkler, trim a little, and sit and enjoy my lovely backyard. Look at what has become of our yard. Scroll back to the last post to see the before pics. Oh yeah...all that empty space will have grass in it's place TOMORROW!!!

Those big plants are azalea.  They were just out in the middle of the yard.  We moved them back to the fence to open up they yard, then added some hosta and hydrangea in that bed.

The front of the pool house.  I added a small bed in front of the window and a cute bird feeder!

I made a new potted plant with some coleus, pinta, and white lantana with pretty lantana in a hanging basket to the back of the pool house.

I even found a place for the other potted plant I took with me from our old house.

I can't wait to get the grass in.  I'll certainly take pictures and show you!

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  1. It's looking great, Mandy! How exciting to be able to get control of that yard and put your own touches there. I hope the shade of the yard doesn't keep the grass from growing as it does in spots in our yard. I like the shade more than grass myself and am thinking of opting for other low to no maintinence items such as ferns or other green year round plants. With that I'll have no grass to cut and it's pretty too. Can't wait to see how you come along with this.