Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grass is in!

Well, it took two installments to get all the grass in the backyard.  Well, a miscalculation only got us two pallets to begin with, but on the other hand, the trailer would not have been able to carry all four pallets. 

This past weekend we got our first batch down.  It was already looking better and more "home-y".  We had the help of my mother, my brother in-law, and Daniel's mom and step-dad.

We realized that it didn't go as far as we hoped and had to order two more pallets.  So on Wednesday, we got the new ones.  We started placing them and half-way through, the sod was looking rough; not as green and less dirt on the bottom.  They really looked as if they'd been cut days ago and they weren't used and they thought they could just put the good sod on top and no one would notice...well at least that's how we felt.  But regardless, we laid it down anyway. 

OH MY, how much better it looks!  Having grass actually makes my yard look smaller.  Go figure.  But, it looks more like a yard with purpose.  No offense to the former owners, they had some nice plants, that I've moved around a bit, but they just didn't have much of an order or purpose and it was a bit overgrown.  I think it does now. 

NEXT UP, kitchen or bath remodel!

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  1. Looking really good there, Mandy! Can't wait to see the kitchen and bath remodels. Keep pics of yard coming as well. Wish I had your energy. You're doing a great job.