Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am the Warrior!

No, no...not the Patty Smyth/Scandal kind, although the beginning of the song talks about running. Daniel and I, along with our friends Buddy and Tim, ran the Warrior Dash. I did survive and became a full-fledged warrior. It was super fun and hard. There is nothing that can prepare you for all of the crazy obstacles in that race! Daniel finished too (although behind me, mind you!). It was funny, because walking up there we didn't see very many dirty people (we all expected to get muddy), but then we got to the mud pit near the end of the race and got filthy. Most of it washed off through the next obstacle in the water going over the logs, but Buddy still kept some mud on him! The race was pretty fun and Daniel got it all on video with his head cam that he just had to wear. Look for it soon on youtube. Next on the agenda: finish packing up our house and move to Tuscaloosa. Our closing is Thursday!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving, Running, etc.

Well, it has been crazy for me lately. I've been trying to pack up my house, and at the same time avoiding it. It's weird. I really love my house, my backyard, and my neighbors...so why am I leaving?! I know....moving to Tuscaloosa will be better. Less stressful commute everyday, closer to ammenities, etc. And I think we will really like our house and new neighbors in Tuscaloosa, it's just so hard to pack without getting emotional or depressed and you just don't want to do any packing. The big day is next Thursday! One week away! It's so scary and exciting at the same time. We will be moving all of Memorial weekend (if anyone wants to help, just call me!)and we give up possession of Lake View home at 4pm on June 1st.

Until the big move, Daniel and I have been "sort of" training for the world's craziest 5K. We have been running a little more than occassionally, but less than we probably should have. Daniel's birthday is Sunday and he decided he wanted to spend it in Mountain City, GA running the Warrior Dash with some friends. It's a 5K with an obstacle course. Daniel thought he might actually want to run in this race because it was different. He doesn't even like running, so I agreed and will be running with him and a few of our friends who live in Atlanta. I hope I can finish without hurting myself on an obstacle! And I hope I am not too sore to move next week! I'll keep you updated and post any pictures we take!