Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Yard, a sentimental memoir

Well, several hours ago, we got a call from our Realtor stating that we had an offer on our house! We don't know any specifics yet as we'll meet with our Realtor tomorrow afternoon. Like I've said before, there are mixed feelings about this move. I love my house and my yard, but Daniel and I both work in Tuscaloosa and have for over a year now and it's getting really tiring. Thinking about the real possibility of moving, I began to get pretty weepy-eyed. I am really going to miss our first house and the yard I've put so much work into. I've been meaning to put newer pictures up for you to see, so here's my photo memoirs of my yard.

Our home

the back side

our patio furniture

my pride and joy

one of the first areas we planted
when we moved here

I have many different types of
hydrangeas in my yard. This one has
so many buds. I can't wait til it blooms!

One of my hydrangea trees

This is a hydrangea that Lowe's just about
killed and put on sale for something crazy like
$5. I revived 2 of them and they are huge!


  1. i LOVE your yard! :) Can you just transport it a few houses and give it to me to take care of? :) I'll do a good job! I hate to see you guys go too, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can't bear to leave PHUMC!

  2. No, Donora, we can't leave PHUMC. We just feel that it would be easier to travel to church a few days a week, rather than driving to Tuscaloosa everyday. It was somehow okay and worth it when I worked in B'ham and Daniel in T-town, but now it's just wearing on us. We'll have a pool and you'll definitely be invited!