Monday, April 19, 2010

My yard, a sentimental memoir - Part 3

Today we signed off on the contract for a couple to buy our house. Now we wait for their approval letter and the home inspections on both houses. I'm excited and fearful of this new chapter in our lives. I'll be glad that now I can feel like I can do things when I get home and sleep 30 minutes later in the morning or go for a morning run. I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish in the yard at my Lake View home over the past almost 5 years and looking forward to work on my new yard. You know, it amazes me how different my back yard looks just after a few weeks of spring. I love this time of year and new things popping up everyday. I hope the new owners enjoy it just as much as I do and take care of it just as well too!

The above picture was taken on 3/27/10 and the one below was taken 4/17/10.
Amazing, huh?!

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