Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love spring!

Here it comes! My plants are sprouting!

I get so excited when it's springtime and all my plants start coming out of the ground or sprouting leaves and flowers. It just makes me so happy, I cannot explain! I can't wait until everything is blooming and all I have to do is enjoy it all. We are still trying to sell our house, however. I hope that whoever decides to buy it will appreciate all the hard work it took to create this beautiful yard and takes care of it like I did. I really wish that I could keep this house AND buy the house in Tuscaloosa......

1 comment:

  1. Didn't know you were moving; hope that doesn't mean you are changing chruches. Silly me, of course you want to go to church where you live. Anyway, your yard is beautiful and I'm sure whoever buys it will know how much work it took to get it there. If they don't appreciate it at first they will once they begin to maintain it. Spring is just the best time of year......or maybe it's fall. Fall may get my vote because of the football. But then spring and summer bring such beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. Ah, I like it all!!!