Monday, January 4, 2010

Why I didn't post at all last week...

Well, I have to admit posting is very hard to remember to do. I almost didn't even post today and it's looking like I should probably change the title of my blog because there is no way that I'll ever post on a weekend or when I'm out of town. Daily dose is sooo not true, unless you just come to my blog and read old stuff daily ;). Anyway, with Christmas and new years, I wasn't anywhere near a computer and certainly not in range of a wireless signal to get online. Daniel and I were busy visiting everyone in our family on Christmas Eve and Christmas and then went to Jeff Dunham on 12/26. Then we took off the next morning to meet the inlaws in Atlanta and go to Hilton Head from there. My dad was going to loose a week from his time share if we didn't go and so I took the inlaws to Hilton Head.

We had a good time away from home. We went shopping at the outlets, rode bikes and played football on the beach, and played tennis. We even made time for relaxation while we were there. We also got to sight-see in Savannah, GA and visit with a friend who now lives there. We got to enjoy a ghost tour and ate at Paula Deen's restaraunt, Lady and Sons. It was good and we got excellent service. I can tell you that Savannah was the place to be for New Year's Eve; too bad we were in Hilton Head, where they didn't even have fireworks. Savannah was a much more happenin' place this time a year. We came back to the inlaws on Friday and reunited with our "big" dog who was so excited about coming home that he jumped into the back of our car and wouldn't get out! We finally got home Saturday afternoon and pretty much crashed. We had a good time and I was glad we were able to spend it with family.

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  1. I LOVE Hilton Head! What a fun way to spend Christmas break :)