Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - I'm a terrible blogger

So the 5 truths for today surround why I think I'm a terrible blogger....

1. I guess I don't think people really want to read my blog...who would want to listen to me rant and rave about things?!

2. I think I'm a horrible writer. I know that, even when talking, I have trouble finding the right words and end up sounding like I have no idea what I'm talking about. I feel like it's worse with writing because I right like I think. The only plus is that I have access to digital dictionaries, thesauruses, and spell check!

3. I get busy and forget. That's most of why I don't blog everyday. I really should change the title of my blog....

4. I think I actually avoid writing in my blog because of all of the above! I don't know what to write, I don't think people want to read my blog, I've never written in a journal unless it was for a grade, and I can never formulate how to write what I want to write. Yes, I know I'm screwed up!

5. And last but not least, I'm intimidated by all the other bloggers out there. They have good ideas and I don't when it comes to blogging. But, at least, I can steal ideas from them and that's how you have this post right now!

Coming soon: I will blog about my travel to California to witness Alabama get their 13th National title...sometime.


  1. Mandy,

    I think that we all think that we have nothing to write about. I really think that these blog "exercises" like this one you just posted are a great way to keep up the blogging.
    I am a horrible speller and even though I spell check I typically still have one miss spelled word on every post. We all have faults, no worries!!!!!

  2. have you read my blog?? I write about LOTS of nothing :) haha! cockroaches for example :)
    Can't wait to hear about your trip to calli!
    For some reason my blog reader is DAYS behind.... which is the reason I'm just now seeing that you posted this on TUESDAY!

  3. You are not a terrible anything! Blogging is a wonderful way to meet new people and new things. I've been blogging over a year now and I have met some wonderful people all over the world! And the prayer chains are powerful. So, you have much to explore and much to offer. It is so refreshing to have a young view of events and seen the energy in your life from what you write. Come on with the post about the championship game. Couldn't go myself but have experienced it through your posts.