Friday, January 29, 2010

5 Question Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already...this week has flown by!
1. Would you ever vacation alone?
I have before. When I was on my internship in Mobile I was living with my aunt and Daniel stayed in Atlanta. To give them space and me time to recoup from busy week's work, I went down to my dad's house in Gulf Shores by myself. It's nice to be away for a short time by yourself, but it is awkward going out to eat by yourself even when not vacationing. I think to vacation by yourself would be a time to de-stress and do a whole lot of nothing, but just away from home and all those things we stress and think about even if we try to do nothing.
2. Do you go the speed limit?

Why of course! The limit before they start pulling you over ;) I tend to go within 5 miles of the speed limit, but that can inch up when I'm in a hurry. I never go 10 miles or more over though...too worried about getting pulled over.
3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?

I started a blog several years ago after Daniel encouraged me to. I've said this before, but I don't write well and have never written even in a journal unless I was forced to for a school project. I just let it slip by and never updated it. Not even sure what my password was when I tried to revive it. I began following some friends' blogs and thought I should try again as I was encouraged by them. So here I am.
4. Where do you shop for yourself?

Anywhere that has a good deal and sometimes places that might not if it's cute enough! But, really, Old Navy for work because they are somewhat cute and inexpensive so I don't worry if my clothes get gross or messed up; Target for deals and accessories; Outlet malls for name-brand clothes/shoes, etc. I don't really shop many other places.
5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?

Well, Daniel and I didn't dance at our wedding. I would've loved to have a DJ and a huge shin dig, but the budget didn't allow. PLUS, Daniel doesn't dance. I've tried to get him to, but to no avail.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I've got a case of the Mondays

It's just been one of those days/weeks where you just don't know what to say, write, or do. And I just don't feel like working or blogging today. The blogging well has been dry also, just because I tend to believe that you wouldn't want to read about "that". The only thing new is that I bought myself and early birthday present. Daniel told me that it's his present to me, but I picked it out and I bought it and HE was nowhere around.... Anyway, I bought an electric guitar. I've been borrowing my step-brother's bass (I'm not giving it back, but he doesn't know that yet) and I've been wanting an electric for awhile now. I have a pretty purple acoustic/electric Ibanez and I needed to find something that was different, but would compliment my acoustic in appearance and sound. I looked around and tried some out. I didn't remember until I was looking that I had to find one with a small or thin neck. I had to do that with my acoustic, but didn't remember. I found a pretty flat cherry colored Epiphone Studio, but it was heavy and the neck was too thick...I was completely crushed because it hurt my wrist to play. After looking for an hour and trying them all out, I found the perfect one. It is a '66 Wilshire Epiphone that is flat black with a white pickguard. I think I'm gonna get a different pickguard for it though...saw one that was silver and black paisley. Can't wait to learn to really play it! Wow, I guess I really did have something to talk about.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - To Matt Miller

Some of you may know Matt Miller. He was known to a lot of those who were a part of Trinity UMC and the UA Wesley Foundation in Tuscaloosa. He was in seminary in Memphis and already was pastoring a church in Millport, AL. He unexpectedly passed away Saturday in a duck hunting accident. His visitation is tonight and the funeral will be held tomorrow. This is for Matt.

5 Truths

1. I consider myself more of an acquaintance of Matt's than a friend. I was no longer in school when he came to Tuscaloosa. I had actually just started leading worship at Trinity Methodist. I got to hear him preach a few times and was enthralled. I really enjoyed listening to Alan Head preach then hear Matt preach the same thing, but in a different way or a different message that he got from the same scripture. I never really got to know him as a friend though. That, I regret.

2. Matt grossed me out. It's kinda funny. Whenever we did communion at Trinity, Matt would take the bread, hold it while talking, and "played" with the bread. He would talk with the bread like it was an extension of his hands. It was like someone putting their hands all in your food before giving it to you to eat. I couldn't help but think, "Gross! And now I'm going to consume that as Jesus' body!" Needless to say, I committed to myself that it was clean because it was for God's purpose.

3. There was a time that I really disliked Matt. I know...."how on earth could you dislike him?!" Well, I think I did because I disliked myself and what I was dealing with. Daniel blogged about me and Matt was trying to help by posting some advice. I got upset at him and Daniel. It took me a long time to get over that.

4. I found to like Matt. While I was working at Children's hospital, I worked with many kids with cystic fibrosis. Charlie was a special one. He was hilarious - He would try things you asked, but was very pessimistic because he seemed to believe that he would wind up getting hurt. He was always very witty and had great comebacks and excuses for everything. Well, he began to get very sick and went to the ICU. I spent those days with him and his family. I said goodbye to him even though I really wanted him to come off the vent and be normal Charlie again. Some therapists and I went to his visitation in Millport. Lo and behold, Matt was there. He also knew Charlie. He was there as a friend and pastor to the family and all those who loved Charlie. I really appreciated that and got to talk with him about Charlie. Matt was a good guy after all.

5. Despite the fact of not really knowing Matt the way others got to, I am still very saddened by his passing. It is a very tragic and horrible way to die. I know that he is in a wonderful place now and not suffering, but it is still hard to understand when someone is taken away from you. He affected so many people in Tuscaloosa, Camp Sumatanga, and Millport. (I'm sure even more than just those places.) I know that all of them are hurt by what has happened. What I feel is so horrible is that we didn't get to say goodbye to him like I was able to with Charlie.

Goodbye, Matt Miller. May you be able to further the Kingdom of God in your new home. Thank you for your service here on earth.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm celebrating MLK work!

I completely believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would be happy that I am doing my share at work instead of sitting at home doing nothing. Well, I'm sure I could find something to do, but it probably would not be productive! I've been trying to hard to catch up on things since I was gone the week after Christmas and then a few days the following week, but it's hard to catch up when you have stuff piling on while you're working. This complete silence at work is helping me get productive. Just a few minutes to write this blog and back to work! Happy MLK day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - I'm a terrible blogger

So the 5 truths for today surround why I think I'm a terrible blogger....

1. I guess I don't think people really want to read my blog...who would want to listen to me rant and rave about things?!

2. I think I'm a horrible writer. I know that, even when talking, I have trouble finding the right words and end up sounding like I have no idea what I'm talking about. I feel like it's worse with writing because I right like I think. The only plus is that I have access to digital dictionaries, thesauruses, and spell check!

3. I get busy and forget. That's most of why I don't blog everyday. I really should change the title of my blog....

4. I think I actually avoid writing in my blog because of all of the above! I don't know what to write, I don't think people want to read my blog, I've never written in a journal unless it was for a grade, and I can never formulate how to write what I want to write. Yes, I know I'm screwed up!

5. And last but not least, I'm intimidated by all the other bloggers out there. They have good ideas and I don't when it comes to blogging. But, at least, I can steal ideas from them and that's how you have this post right now!

Coming soon: I will blog about my travel to California to witness Alabama get their 13th National title...sometime.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yes it really is Mark Ingram Day. Governor Bob Riley declared that today is Mark Ingram Day, see? So in celebration of this "blessed" day, I will be taking off at noon to finish packing and get to the airport. But...since I work for the state and the governor declared it, shouldn't I get the day off anyway?! ;) Well, it's alright because tomorrow I will be celebrating Alabama's National Championship Day in Pasadena!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

I thought I might start this, but at this point I am unsure if it will be something regular. Truthful Tuesday was an idea I stole from another blogger and thought it might be fun since I didn't know what else to write about. I mean, I'm sure you're sick of hearing about Alabama football and my vacation, so this is something different. A pastor of mine from Dawson Memorial Baptist Church would always structure his sermon on "5 Truths" so I will do the same with this blog. I'll keep if rather broad today.

5 Truths about Mandy:

1. I love working with kids and have thought about having them one day, but I really feel okay if I never do. (Mom, don't take this the wrong way!!) I mean, it is just so much easier without that responsibility and sooo much less expensive!

2. I think I might be manic depressive. Not in the sense of needing medication or put in a padded room, but it's like this: I tend to get on a kick about something every once in a while and then totally drop it or don't want to do it anymore. Like, cooking; I'll get in a kick that I like to cook for a week or so (sometimes not even that long) and then the next week I won't want to cook at all. Cleaning is like that to. And there are so many days when I come home from work and just want to veg out on the couch or completely clean every room in the house until it's time to go to bed. Don't come over to my house this week; it is depressing!

3. I'm not so sure I like my job. Don't get me wrong: I love doing physical therapy and working with kids, but I hardly get to do that. I sit in an office all day and only come out for clinics or to do school and home visits. I do like getting out of the office with Greg and repairing wheelchairs or checking in on patients in their home and school environments, but I feel like most of the time is spent in the small closet called my office staring at a computer screen. I changed jobs because I was very overworked at my last job that I would be there from 8am to 7:30 some nights to complete my work, plus it was very physical, running around the hospital and lifting patients. But now, all I do is get fat, sitting in front of a computer screen when I don't get to go out....I'm just not sure if the benefits outweigh (no pun intendend) the overwork I did at my last job.

4. I'm an introvert now matter how hard I try not to be. (enough said...I don't want to expound)

5. Daniel says that I became an Alabama fan right after the win against Florida at the Swamp in 1999. (I know, I know...I said I would't talk about Alabama football, but how can I not when the big game is in 2 DAYS!!!) Well, truthfully, I was an Alabama fan before then. I'm not exactly sure the date as I didn't even want to admit it to myself because I am stubborn. Yes, I grew up and Auburn fan going to Auburn home games with my dad because he's a letterman there. My mom went to Bama, so I never hated Alabama and generally would cheer for both until they played each other. Back then I would cheer for Auburn to beat Bama. I don't know why I chose Alabama when looking at colleges, but I felt it was right and so I did. I went to football games because I love the sport and it was cheap for students. I refused to wear crimson or to really cheer for Bama most of my freshman year. But something changed even before that game at the Swamp or else I probably wouldn't have gone to that game. I can tell you it certainly did make my love of the game and Alabama football much stronger and especially when we beat them again in the SEC Championship that year. I remember watching the game at my apartment by myself, cheering and jumping up and down!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Yesterday, I came home after the early service and got straight onto ebay. I was bound and determined to find tickets to the National Championship game. I mean, I had hotel and plane already, but it was getting too close for comfort on getting game tickets. I got online and tried several times to win. I wasn't the highest bidder on them once...It's hard to believe people would pay or ask this much for the tickets. The next one, I won, but didn't meet the reserve, so I really didn't win. I wonder what the reserve was. It's just crazy because the face value of these tickets are between $100 and $275 and people are asking for $600-1000 a ticket. Just outrageous! I can and can't believe how these people can scalp them like that especially those who got them through the University and are selling them to other Alabama fans for at least 3X what they paid. I know I couldn't do that to a fellow fan. Well, I tried once more on ebay. I waited til 1 minute was left in the auction. I put in my max bid and won! I was so excited and so disspointed at the same time that it took all of my maximum bid to get the tickets. I won't tell you how much I paid because you'll think I'm crazy, but I can tell you I didn't pay as much as some. Plus, I'll be at the game and hopefully get to witness Alabama's 13th National Championship!

Why I didn't post at all last week...

Well, I have to admit posting is very hard to remember to do. I almost didn't even post today and it's looking like I should probably change the title of my blog because there is no way that I'll ever post on a weekend or when I'm out of town. Daily dose is sooo not true, unless you just come to my blog and read old stuff daily ;). Anyway, with Christmas and new years, I wasn't anywhere near a computer and certainly not in range of a wireless signal to get online. Daniel and I were busy visiting everyone in our family on Christmas Eve and Christmas and then went to Jeff Dunham on 12/26. Then we took off the next morning to meet the inlaws in Atlanta and go to Hilton Head from there. My dad was going to loose a week from his time share if we didn't go and so I took the inlaws to Hilton Head.

We had a good time away from home. We went shopping at the outlets, rode bikes and played football on the beach, and played tennis. We even made time for relaxation while we were there. We also got to sight-see in Savannah, GA and visit with a friend who now lives there. We got to enjoy a ghost tour and ate at Paula Deen's restaraunt, Lady and Sons. It was good and we got excellent service. I can tell you that Savannah was the place to be for New Year's Eve; too bad we were in Hilton Head, where they didn't even have fireworks. Savannah was a much more happenin' place this time a year. We came back to the inlaws on Friday and reunited with our "big" dog who was so excited about coming home that he jumped into the back of our car and wouldn't get out! We finally got home Saturday afternoon and pretty much crashed. We had a good time and I was glad we were able to spend it with family.