Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Championship Tickets

Alright, so I'm excited beyond any understanding about going to the National Championship game and watch Alabama expose Texas. The only problem is...we don't have tickets. Daniel and I, like many others out there, are going to try to get 2-4 of the 2000 tickets on ticketmaster this morning. I was so excited and confident in our team that I booked a hotel room a month and a half ago! The fourth quarter of the SEC Championship game, I booked our flight. I'm so proud of our team and what they've been able to accomplish (undefeated season, a SEC Championship, and a Heisman!). Now....I just need tickets to the game. Say some prayers!


  1. hahaha! good luck!!!! i hope for your hotel and flight stay you get the tickets! :) fun fun!

  2. sadly we did not get tickets....everybody and their brother were trying to get the only 2000 tickets available via ticketmaster yesterday at 10am. I'll bet they sold out in 10 minutes!