Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas presents

Daniel cracks me up. He has been begging me everyday, several times a day, to open each others' Christmas presents. I keep telling him that Christmas is Friday and we will open them then, but he continues to ask everyday! It is exciting to give a gift that you just know the person will love or has been wanting or just something personal. I enjoy it too, but it's not Christmas yet!
Traditionally, with my mom, we would open one gift the night before, then open the rest on Christmas morning. Since Daniel and I have been married, it has been a tradition to go to see his family on Christmas Eve to play dirty Santa and open presents on Christmas morning then drive back home, open ours to each other and go either to my Dad's and grandmother's(mom's side) houses sometime Christmas Day. It looks like we'll do that again this year. We'll go down to Smiths Station, AL and do Christmas Eve at Daniel's sisters' house to play dirty Santa then open presents early Christmas morning at his mom's. We'll drive to my step-grandmother's house and visit my Dad and step family, play dirty santa and give gifts to the neice and nephews. Then we'll go home for a minute to exchange gifts with each other, and off to my grandmother's (just down the street) to spend the rest of Christmas day with my mom's side of the family. It's always busy, but fun. What are you doing for Christmas?

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