Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas presents

Daniel cracks me up. He has been begging me everyday, several times a day, to open each others' Christmas presents. I keep telling him that Christmas is Friday and we will open them then, but he continues to ask everyday! It is exciting to give a gift that you just know the person will love or has been wanting or just something personal. I enjoy it too, but it's not Christmas yet!
Traditionally, with my mom, we would open one gift the night before, then open the rest on Christmas morning. Since Daniel and I have been married, it has been a tradition to go to see his family on Christmas Eve to play dirty Santa and open presents on Christmas morning then drive back home, open ours to each other and go either to my Dad's and grandmother's(mom's side) houses sometime Christmas Day. It looks like we'll do that again this year. We'll go down to Smiths Station, AL and do Christmas Eve at Daniel's sisters' house to play dirty Santa then open presents early Christmas morning at his mom's. We'll drive to my step-grandmother's house and visit my Dad and step family, play dirty santa and give gifts to the neice and nephews. Then we'll go home for a minute to exchange gifts with each other, and off to my grandmother's (just down the street) to spend the rest of Christmas day with my mom's side of the family. It's always busy, but fun. What are you doing for Christmas?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Sunday

Yesterday was sooo busy that I crashed at 7:45pm and did not get back up until my alarm started blaring this morning. I don't remember a time that I was that tired before. Well, yesterday morning I got up, did the powerpoint show for the contemporary service at church, got ready for the day, and was at band practice at 8am. We then had our service, practice for the 11am service, sang at that service for the Christmas Cantata, then finally had a break to go to lunch. Daniel and I ate at Cracker Barrel which was suprisingly quick, waited only 15 mins until we were seated. Our food came realitively quick and we were just gonna go home after that. Well, then he tells me that, since he was going to his parents' house Wednesday night, he needed 12 more gifts for his family's friends families (mouthful). So.....we went to Walmart.

I found 3 sets of 5 votive candles and 2 sets of 7 dish towels that I could monogram or just leave them like they were if I ran out of time. It was going to be about $2/gift and I would have 3 candles and 2 towels left over. BUT. One of the votives was broken. I stupidly mentioned it to the cashier who then told me that she could not sell it to me. WHAT?! I've never heard such a thing. I told her I didn't mind that it was broken and wanted it since there were not anymore out there. But she said she couldn't sell it to me, that she was not allowed. She was not nice when she said it as well. She said that she was going to ask if she could sell it to us. Well, I was very upset and my stomach was hurting because I just filled it up at Cracker Barrel and now stress was being added.. So, I left Daniel to deal about it while I walked around. After talking with another person, Daniel then spoke to the assistant manager who was a complete jerk. Daniel just wanted an explanation of why we couldn't buy it full price without that one votive candle. After no good explanation and the assistant manager stating it was he prerogative on whether or not to sell it to us and he wasn't, Daniel said he would not shop here anymore. The assistant manager told him, "well get going and KEEP WALKING, PAL!" Geez, no way to treat any customer. I'm not saying that Daniel wasn't upset, but he did remain more calm than that guy. So, from our experience....DON'T SHOP AT THE BESSEMER WALMART!
So we didn't buy anything and we still needed 12 gifts. So onward to Target! I believe Target is one of my favorite stores; I'd shop there just about everyday if it were closer to my house. We found what we needed there and for not too much more than what we would've paid at Walmart. I think we went home for about 2 hours and then were back at church for the Posada Navidena (the Hispanic Christmas Party). It was fun and the food was great. We got home about 7:30 and I crashed 15 minutes later. It was a looong, crazy, trying, fun day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Five Question Friday

One of my friends who blogs regularly does a regularly scheduled "Five Question Friday". These are questions created by another blogger and I'll just answer them so you can get to know me better. I figured I could steal the idea!

1. Which boygroup did you like most in your teens?
I wasn't a fan of any boy groups and didn't really like the New Kids on the Block as much as my friends. I was more into 80's hair bands when the boygroups were around then and was pretty much on my way out of my teens when the others came around. At that point, I was pretty much into the 90's Alternative bands.

2. Do you do Christmas cards, letters, photos, nuthin', all of the above?
The past 2 years we've done a photo card. Before that we just did regular cards. Before I was married, I didn't care about it. But now it's fun to get them, so I give them as well.

3. If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?
ummmm, I really don't know who I'd like to meet. It would most likely be someone in the music business, but then there are a lot of them that I'd like to meet. Partly for selfish reasons - that they might like me and ask me to join their band (like that'd ever happen). But I think I'd mainly like to meet those who have that great talent and still juggle normalcy along with it.

4. Favorite thing to cook with (i.e. stainless, non-stick, Dutch oven, microwave, debit card...or, perhaps, a cauldron, etc.)?
I haven't been in the cooking mood lately, so it's pretty much been the microwave or having someone else cook it. I think I like the grill though as its less of a mess to clean up afterwards. You can pretty much do everything on a grill as you can the stove and oven...a little differently though. Plus, we just got a new grill not too long ago, so it still has the fun, new feeling when we use it.

5. What is the one thing you wear the most, besides your unmentionables?
I have a favorite pair of blue jeans that I wear a lot. That and I have a couple favorite pairs of PJs that I wear a lot around the house even when its not time for bed!

I don't want to feel this way

Am I being a bad Christian for feeling the way I do? I get emails on occasion from friends that are forwarded to me. I generally dislike forwards, but I know people are being thoughtful for sending me one with something inspirational. I try to read them if it's a good Christian story, but then my feeling of being loved and inspired is completely thrown out the window when I see something like, "Within 48 hours send 20 copies (or as many as you can - God does know if you don't have 20 people to send it to. It's the effort and intent that counts) to family and friends. Please do not break it." I just get so burnt up because now it's a chain-letter email. I've even recieved some that tell you good things will happen if you send this email along or something bad might happen if you don't. It's like the writer of this email is trying to give me a guilt-trip. I know it wasn't the intent of the person who sent the email along to me, but it just totally throws me off when the "chain" part is added. I don't like feeling this way, but I feel it would be so much better without the "chain" part and then if I felt I knew someone who might appreciate the email leave it up to me to forward it along. Am I a bad Christian for this?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I can't believe Christmas is next Friday!

It's next week! I love Christmas time. I hate fighting crowds to get the perfect gifts, but I love giving them. I love all the decorations...the lights...the Christmas music...getting Christmas cards. Christmas just makes me feel good.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vote for Coach Saban: Coach of the Year

I promise not all of my posts will be about Alabama football! I do want to remind everyone out there to vote for Nick Saban as Coach of the year though (and even though I couldn't get tickets to the National Championship game...I'm not that bitter yet). Go to www.coachoftheyear.com to vote for him. You can vote once everyday! I truly believe he is deserving of this award for what he has been able to do with the University of Alabama football program. Come on, to bring a not-so-great team to an amazing one with back-to-back undefeated seasons and a chance at a National Championship title in only his 3rd year....it's truly astonishing. Vote early and vote often!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Championship Tickets

Alright, so I'm excited beyond any understanding about going to the National Championship game and watch Alabama expose Texas. The only problem is...we don't have tickets. Daniel and I, like many others out there, are going to try to get 2-4 of the 2000 tickets on ticketmaster this morning. I was so excited and confident in our team that I booked a hotel room a month and a half ago! The fourth quarter of the SEC Championship game, I booked our flight. I'm so proud of our team and what they've been able to accomplish (undefeated season, a SEC Championship, and a Heisman!). Now....I just need tickets to the game. Say some prayers!

Monday, December 14, 2009

So I'm trying this again....

Well, I've attempted to blog before and failed. I've been impressed and encouraged by a friend who blogs and so I am going to try this again. I hope to write something daily that's just on my mind or something fun(ny). Enjoy!